there is no need to feel worried or stressed: your responsibility is to feel
excited and special !

by Martin Fox-Roberts

Creating, Magical and one-of-a-kind ceremonies.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Perhaps you’ve had a very quiet and intimate marriage, in a place or at a time, when friends and family were unable to be present.

Or perhaps you’re celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary and what better way, than to reaffirm those vows, or make new ones! It could be that you’ve had a life changing experience and you’d like to strengthen your relationship and commitment to each other by making a promise to each other of your eternal love. It might even be that you’ve been separated and to make new commitments to reassure one another, secure your relationship and to feel safe.

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Magic Vow Renewal ceremonies!

You can have the Vow Renewal ceremony where-ever you want, which ever-way you want, with whom-ever you want to be present. We can make this really magical!

As with any Wedding ceremony, I’m exclusively yours for the ceremony, so there is no need to feel worried or stressed: your responsibility is to feel excited and spacial!

Firstly, we’ll start by getting to know each-other! I love meeting up, finding out about you, what you’d like for your special day, listening to your ideas and building a strong rapport. I will then send you a questionnaire, after which, we’ll catch up again and you can tell me more about yourselves, how you met and what you would like to include in the ceremony. Now for the exciting part! I will go away and create a wonderfully crafted script, for your ceremony, so that I can share your love story with all your family and friends.

Based in South East London on the Beautiful Kent border, I roam and wonder spreading feral Fabulousness anywhere, where there’s love and life to be Celebrated!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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