I embrace, respect and honour
people’s lifestyles, beliefs, customs and cultures, which is what enriches our lives and the lives we celebrate.

by Martin Fox-Roberts

London Celebrant

What makes me Foxy?

I’m proud of being a former  Theatre Manager,  dealing with large events and putting the customer’s experience at the centre of the proceedings. I embrace, respect and honour people’s lifestyles, beliefs, customs and cultures, which is what enriches our lives and the lives we celebrate.

I’m proud to be a Drag Queen, ‘Maria Hurtz’, a Drag Idol Semi-Finalist and QX Magazine Awards Nominee for Best Drag Act and Best Comedy Act. So if you are looking for a Drag Themed or a Cabaret Themed ceremony, I can officiate your Wedding as Maria Hurtz!

I’m proud to be a fully qualified and registered NRCPD British Sign Language Interpreter! So I can officiate ceremonies for Deaf couples or CODAS (Children of Deaf Adults), in their first language, without them having to rely on using an Interpreter.

I can also provide British Sign Language Interpreting Services for your Ceremony. To find out more, please click here for www.martinfoxroberts.com

What makes you foxy?

About me

I was born and brought up in the North East.
Initially I trained as an Actor, but after some time I went on and set up my own business in Theatre Promotions and whilst working on a festival, I met my now husband Neil; who is a Deaf Actor.
In 2000 I moved to London and straight away started night school to learn British Sign Language, which is Neil’s first language and the first language we used at home.

More about myStory!

In 2012 we had a Civil Ceremony, which was a magnificent day, and the highlight of my life. Throughout the many years we’ve been together, we’ve had some amazing times, learning from one another and sharing very special moments, but of course we have our arguments too, which, please note, I can never win: he has his say, but then when I try to make my point, he stands and simply closes his eyes!! Unable to see or hear me – he wins! That’s my secret to longevity, keep the peace and have your own quiet victories!

I continued to work in Theatre, as a Theatre Manager at Battersea Arts Centre and carried on with my sign language studies. In 2008 I qualified as a British Sign Language Interpreter, which is what I continue to do now too – and since 2013, every year I take great pride in volunteering my services in managing and co-ordinating the amazing team of BSL performance Interpreters for Pride In London.

Safe Space Statement

Every single one of us, is entitled to work or relax in a safe space*. A space free of discrimination or fear; a space, free of bullying and harassment of any kind.

We will work together honouring our differences and celebrating our strengths, individual qualities and contributions; upholding the values of trust, respect and confidentiality.

We will treat one another with equality, politeness and respect at all times and, if we are subjected to or witness discrimination*, bullying or harassment, we will speak out knowing that our voices will be heard and we will be taken seriously.
Together we can create a Safe Space.

(Martin Fox-Roberts – Adapted from EquityUk Safe Space Statement).

Based in South East London on the Beautiful Kent border, I roam and wonder spreading feral Fabulousness anywhere, where there’s love and life to be Celebrated!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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