The perfect way to celebrate your new name!

by Martin Fox-Roberts

What’s in a name?
It’s more than a word. More than letters and sounds to be spoken and heard.
It leads you back to your roots – to your family of old.
And it speaks to the promise your future will hold.

B. Summer

Naming Ceremonies

Whether you are naming a new born baby, welcoming a child into an adopted family, a step-child into a blended a family or rejoicing a new Identity or Trans life, a Naming Ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate your new name with family members, your friends and your community.

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Let’s Celebrate!

Let’s celebrate by telling the story behind the name you have chosen and ask those you love to make promises to continue provide support, care, guidance and love.

You can choose to make it even more special by including a Candle or Sand Ceremony, having a Wish Jar or Treasure Box, planting a Rose Bush or a Tree!

If I’m gonna tell a real story I’m gonna start with my name!

I’m intrigued to know your name!

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